About this blog:

"A place to dream..." 

About the author: 
An unemployed guy who has enough time to wonder about strange things since the conclusion of a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning. 

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Just leave a comment to article collaboration or to suggest stuff about utopian spatial planning, urbanism or architecture. Because to idealize is to progress...


  1. pedro campilho23.4.13

    great blog !

  2. I work since a lot of time on this topic. See my website http://www.urbanistica.unipr.it/index.php
    I would like to cite your blog and would like to know your name.
    Sincerely yours.

  3. Hei PRGV. In fact, I haven't been working on this blog for a long time. I just need some motivation to keep writing. Thanks for your interest though. Feel free to refer my blog. I do the same with yours. My name is Nuno Coutinho.


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