> Introduction to John Berkey

John Berkey born in 1932 (Minnesota, United States). He is an artist more known by their paintings for Star Wars merchandising. Despite his solid career in advertising agencies, he became a freelance artist and could then develop his passion for space and science-fiction themes. Consequently, some movie directors as well as NASA used his amazing work. Many magazines as Life, Time or National Geographic has also Berkey's illustrations. He died in 2008 with important honors assigned by Society of Illustrators, Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists or Minicon convention. Their futurist urban visions deserve a place here.

"Berkey has shown the world a unique vision of a future in time and space way beyond our wildest dreams. He is most well known as a science fiction artist, specifically for his paintings of huge graceful spaceships of multi-faceted shapes adorned with many intricate details, soaring through outer space."

(John Berkey official website)

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