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There are a lot of architectural magazines, but only one presents annually the most fantastic projects to build skyscrappers. A quick view on the list that is available in eVolo website makes me want to write a post for each project, winner or not. As I wrote once, the height is not so impressive as before. Thereby the applicants for eVolo annual competition strive to develop new concepts, new functions and new forms of construction. So, be prepared to know the... Soundscraper, a tower that produces energy by using noise pollution. 

It is not as surrealistic as we may think. In fact sounds produce vibration, and vibration is kinetic energy. The authors of this idea are five French designers that probably live in a Parisian neighborhood located along Boulevard Périphérique. So much noise should be powerful enough to produce significant energy.

"The Soundscraper is located next to main transport infrastructures, mostly outside city centers where noise pollution is at it maximum. Motorway junction, railway hub represent no man’s land in the urban territory and areas of greatest efficiency to produce energy."

"The skyscraper‘s facade is evolutive, it vibrates depending on intentisity and direction of urban noises. As the skyscraper ‘s skin, the electro active lashes supported by a light metallic structure, form the exterior of the building, provides maximum exposure to city noise. Covering a wide spectrum of frequencies, this noise includes vehicular traffic, pedestrians, train, building inhabitants, and even aircraft passing overhead. 84000 electro-active lashes are integrated throughout the 100 meters high tower. "

The Soundscraper could produce 10% of urban lighting consumption of Los Angeles. So imagine 10 towers around the city... For the creators, this skyscraper also represent an interesting landmark that would counter the typical ugliness and negligence of peripheric urban areas

(eVolo article about Soundscraper)
(eVolo article about 2013 competition)

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