> Skyscrapers Made of Wood? Yes...

There are currently some projects to build skyscrapers from wood. We cannot wait for a great change of paradigm, but a set of architects and engineers are studying new possibilities and advantages allowed by wood. A long time ago, a fear of fire relegated this material to furniture essentially. Therefore, to develop wooden skyscrapers nowadays is a question of advanced engineering and... ...dare. Next photos show some of these projects - Vancouver, Stockholm and Chicago (from eVolo competition) respectively.

"Since the invention and development of steel and concrete, the combination of which would spawn the birth of the skyscraper, wood as a building material has been marginalized as simple construction ephemera, used to form concrete or to structure building frames advanced with the expressed purpose of producing single family homes or large estates and to furnishing their plush interiors." 

"Explaining the motivation behind his design, Green says that wood construction at such scales is decidedly cheaper than standard-industry methods and, more importantly, much more energy efficient, given the large amounts of CO2 expended in the manufacturing of steel and concrete and the extent of their large carbon footprints. Conversely, wood traps carbon dioxide throughout a building’s life cycle, and, if sustainably harvested from controlled and well-managed forests, can prove to be a renewable resource." 


rchangelsk, Russia
Archangelsk, Russia
Archangelsk, Russia
(citations taken from Atlantic Cities article)
(more info about the building shown on first picture here)

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