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Look out, something is watching you... Anyone can project the highest skyscraper, but only few use enough creativity to spread out their ideas. Eugene Tsui is an American architect defined as a polymath. The interdisciplinary approach he puts on their projects, produces a nature-based architecture, often made by organic structures. Among many surrealistic proposals, Eye in the Sky is probably his best known one. Despite the unrealistic drawings of this very inclined tower, Tsui elaborated detailed specifications about the materials, the elevators, the construction methods, the function of each section and even the ticket prices to visit it! If the eye on top represents the surveillance obsession or just an admiration for Sauron from Lord of the Rings, Tsui says nothing.
"We want to create an architectural landmark that is fantastic, meaningful, educational and ecological."

"The 600 meters Eye-In-The-Sky Look Out Tower, Cultural Center, Exhibition and Public Plaza will be a spectacular symbol of the City of Oakland and the entire San Francisco Bay area. It is the tallest inclined tower in the world. It will be a global landmark present in every travel book and etched in every travel-minded individual of the world. The tower is a significant tourist attraction capable of attracting at least 10 million of the 40 million visiting tourists each year who come to the San Francisco Bay area. From the top five viewing levels visitors can view the entire Bay area for the first time in history."

Structure ID
Name: Eye in the Sky Lookout Tower
Place: Oakland, California, USA
Height: 600 metres
Function: Recreation and education
Author: Eugene Tsui

(more info and images here)

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