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Another Skyscraper in Dubai, another architectural wonder... However Dubai City Tower is just a proposal, for now. It is also known by 'Dubai Vertical City', which means that is intended to include almost everything in 2400 meters (7900 feet) of height - three times the height of Burj Khalifa. In other words, there will be 400 habitable stories and an energy-producing spire on the top.

The idea was exposed in 2008 by Meraas Holding, a Dubai-based real estate investment company who wants to reinforce Jumeirah City. This large neighborhood will be connected to a marina in the Persian gulf, through Dubai City Tower base. Of course this project is very realistic. The Eiffel Tower design starts to be a solution to overcome the wind constraints, and a super-sustainable building using solar, thermal and windy sources, will be a way to get enough energy to maintain this kind of vertical cities. So money is the problem, but this is Dubai...

"The overall mass of the tower that pushes every edge of building design, is broken down into six independent buildings, three rotating clockwise and three counter-clockwise about a central core. The city-in-a-skyscraper will be divided into four 100 story sections linked via a vertical 125 mph bullet train that quickly distributes people between Sky Plazas that separate the different vertical sections.The sheer scale of this project will focus the world’s eye towards Dubai but it will be the tower’s unique design and image that will preserve Vertical City’s grandeur into the future. How high can man go without leaving the earth?"


Structure ID
Name: Dubai City Tower
Place: Dubai, UAE
Height: 2 400 meters
Function: Mixed
Author: Meraas Holding

(citation taken from here)

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