> Urban Visions in Star Trek Into Darkness

J. J. Abrams is an american director who decided to develop a story showing the events before the old Star Trek franchise. Into Darkness is the last Star Trek, and part of its plot takes place on earth, where San Francisco and London suffer terrorist attacks. In the 24th century these cities may look like these astonishing images.

"'Our philosophy about doing cities, and respecting the canon of how the work is described by Gene Roddenberry, is that you’re only a few 100 years in the future. You’re not that far away. If you look historically at the way somewhere like London has changed in the last 100 years, there are many buildings that would potentially still exist. We go through this process of, ‘What would have happened? What buildings would they have hung on to? How would it have changed the nature of some of the design choices they made?'"

"We like to take things that are real and try to make the architecture scalable. In other words, a scale that is not just totally ridiculous and massive. At the same time, you want a few landmarks in those shots to get the sense of what city you are in. In that case, there’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and the River Thames. We even went to London and took a lot of pictures from different angles, to try to maintain the real geography of it. But, at the same time, we want to elaborate on that and use our imagination on how that might have changed."

(Star Trek Into Darkness trailer)
(citation taken from here)

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